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Monthly Archives: September 2008


My CAT Scan (Computerized Axial Tomography or CT Scan) was performed on Friday – pelvis, abdominal and a chest x-ray. The man-nurse told us it was just because we were new patients and the doctor liked doing chest x-rays on new patients, but we’d done our research. They were checking to see if the cancer […]

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26 and Cute.

Today my worse half turned 26!!!!!!……….he said he felt older and I thought (I didn’t say it out loud) that I sort of felt like I was suddenly married to an older man….not older like Richard Gere, but older like the guy that drives the white van and hands out candy to kids. To celebrate […]

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CANCER?…….but I’m a Virgo…

I was peeing the other day and felt a lump on my testicle. Oh no… I went to the doctor and he felt the lump and didn’t know what it was so he sent me to a specialist – a urologist. I went there today – on my birthday. The urologist told me to pull […]

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My Second Born.

Allow me to introduce Clementine. She’s one of our replacement babies. And yes before you ask, I used to make her wear sweaters. But don’t worry, I’ve recovered – thanks to John and his incessant teasing. But I digress…………… So…………Clementine. She is one of the greatest joys of our lives but sometimes she is the […]

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