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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Y tu llama tambien

JUST started my third round of chemo. The train has left the station. The plane is going down. Thought I’d squeeze in my final farewell (boo-hoo, I’m a nanny-boy) before final blastoff. To start off with I’d like to present Exhibit A: Me with friend Matt (Matt is his real name) at a place called […]

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She Threw Up Blood

Alright folks, it’s time to rock n’ roll. Come Tuesday we’re dragging our behinds back in for my third round of chemo. I’ll be in the hospital for five days, just chillin’, playing SORRY! with the fam and takin’ strolls around the fifth floor. If you ever get admitted to Arcadia Methodist Hospital, DEFINITELY request […]

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Feelin’ Fine in ’09

Here’s a poem I wrote. Read it. Laugh. Cry. Puke. It’s called CANCER SCHMANCER (Feeling Fine in ’09) Cancer sucks Cancer blows It makes me feel 100 years old Its in my bones Its in my brain Chemotherapy drives me insane The IVs stick And the poison is ick The medical cocktail makes me sick […]

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