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Monthly Archives: November 2010

32 weeks

Here ye!  Here ye!  Let it be know that the occupants of my womb have received their official notice of eviction.  You heard it!  You fellas got 30 days to pack your bags, make like a fetus and head out………..or, in your case, butt out. Listen up, babies, it’s been a real slice of Heaven […]

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30/31 weeks

We’re getting so excited to meet you little monsters I can barely stand it!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, waiting has never been a particularly strong suit of mine.  For instance, EVERY year around Christmas my brothers and I would scour the house while the parental units were away in search of our hidden presents; bedroom hampers and bathroom […]

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Hannah | Los Angeles Family Photography

It’s hard to believe that little Hannah is already 6 months old.  Look at how stinkin’ cute she is growing up to be!

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29 weeks

Sleep?  Why yes, I remember a time when I achieved 8 hours a night.  But it was……so long ago.  It seems like a myth, a legend.  I can faintly recall a time when I would fall asleep at 10:30pm and sleep soundlessly and peacefully until 7:30am.  No longer.  Lately I’ve been waking up in the […]

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