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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Mornings with Children | Day 16

DAY 16 EVENT 1 – BOY There’s this old myth in my wife’s family that the homestead my mother-in-law lives on is haunted.  It’s been in the family for years and years and years and lies out in the middle of nowhere amidst corn fields and open sky; basically the perfect place for a haunted […]

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Mornings with Children | Day 15

DAY 15 EVENT 1 – GIRL My daughter has this really old, bald Cabbage Patch doll that she carries around with her everywhere.  Its’ plastic head is covered in dirt and scuff marks, it’s clothes are covered in food stains, dried milk and dog drool and it has these really horrific eyes that sort of […]

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Mornings with Children | Day 14

DAY 14 EVENT 1 – BOY I write this from the furthest, farthest, deepest seat in a minivan chugging down I-29, having just left Omaha, Nebraska.  My little sister is getting married this coming Saturday and we’re in town for the wedding, which I am exceptionally excited for… and rightly so.  I love weddings; family, […]

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Mornings with Children | Day 13

DAY 13 EVENT 1 – GIRL My daughter is broken.  I don’t know when it happened or how it happened or maybe she was just born this way… I’m not really sure.  She loves spankings; revels in them.  Soaks in their cold sting and raw delight.  And yes, before we press on, I said the S-word.  I […]

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Mornings with Children | Day 12

DAY 12 EVENT 1 – BOY I sling my purse / man bag over my shoulder, snatch my pecan flavored coffee off the kitchen counter, drop my phone into my back pocket and am officially ready to head out the door for my commute to work… just one thing left to do. I head over to […]

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