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The B People

We are Johnny and Jade. Husband and wife. Campers. Road-trippers. Mischief makers. Parents of twins. Parents of a 6mth old. And parents of one doe-eyed cocker spaniel. Our life is fun and messy and mostly chaotic and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We survived cancer, IVF and being raised in South Dakota. Life would be fun if everyone broke into random acts of kindness! Four leaf clovers are still lucky and any sentence with the word “ooftah” in it is a great one. We believe that laughter really is the best medicine -especially if it’s chased by a shot of whiskey. California is nice but California traffic is not. Finding money makes us happy. Finding ourselves makes us happier. We love God, adventures, reading, writing and the occasional bowl of guilty pasta. Our weaknesses are Diet Coke, pecan pie and mismatched socks. Friends and family make life fun.