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Underdog and Frankenstein

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Clementine and I have been practicing this routine for quite a while now. At first we started by me picking her up and tossing her into a pool and then we moved onto a mattress and now we use a pile of leaves. Soon we plan to take our show off broadway.
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Do you see her face? That is pure confidence. We’ve done this a million times and she has it locked up. DIVE, CLEMMY! DIVE!

ps. I look like Frankenstein as part of our “bit”. My constipated face and rigid posture is intentional.

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Sometimes I like to throw curve balls at her. Every good performer knows that he or she needs to be prepared for the unexpected.

For this exercise I decided to line the underside of the leaves with cinder blocks. This shot actually captures the exact moment that her front teeth shatter.

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I lean forward and say, “What’s that Clemenstein?”

All I can hear is her whispering, “My legs… legs…..somebody get me out….I can’t move…”

*no Clementines were hurt in the making of this blog