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36 weeks

Ok, guys.  If you were waiting for an official invitation to come out……let me take this moment to officially invite you to come out.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  I’m beginning to think you’re worse than Clementine when she gets wind of an impending bath – battening down the hatches cause it’s going to take nothing […]

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What’s Behind Door #2

I love insurance companies. They give me something to focus all of my hatred and animosity on. Sometimes I sit in my living room, surrounded by candles, listening to whale music and I concentrate all of my anger into a little ball and I imagine that little ball floating down the street and silently bobbing […]

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What the IVF?!

So it’s no secret that John had cancer(if you’re currently whispering to yourself, “John had cancer?” you are either a.) new to this blog, b.) a total stranger to us or c.) so consumed in your own narcissism that you haven’t bothered to look around at your hurting and suffering kinsfolk in years. Now please […]

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Cold Feet???

I am a worrier. THERE, I said it. Intellectually, I am fully aware that this is a useless and completely self-feeding affliction. Doesn’t help – I can’t stop! I am THAT girl. I worry and analyze everything to death and in between bouts of anxiety I have strategically mapped out plans A, B, C, D……..all […]

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