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2011 Pricing

Brand new news!  Hot off the press!  Thanks to our recent post pregnancy deliveries, my hormones are going bananas and I’m on an estrogen high!  I’ve decided to start off maternity leave and 2011 with a completely new pricing structure!! I will no longer be offering prints (unless specifically requested) and will instead be including […]

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35 weeks

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer. The above photo is NOT my idea.  I have seen this concept shot 500 different times by 500 different photographers.  The PC term for this in the photo world is to say that I was “inspired” but here at The Letter B Photography we like to call […]

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Alec + Katie | Los Angeles Birth Photography

It’s always so humbling to me to be asked to be a part of someone’s life and story in this way.  It’s something you never forget and no matter how many you attend, each one is wonderful and scary and different and awesome all in their own way. Thanks so much to the always cool […]

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Nora | Los Angeles Birth Photographer

I cannot WAIT to blog the rest of this amazing story. Welcome to the world little Nora!

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